These general conditions of use are expressly subject to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.

The purpose of the following general conditions is to regulate use of the content acquired by Association Les 3 Vallées.

Article 1: Access to the mediabase

Under the following conditions, any user wishing to access the mediabase content is required to create an account. To do this, the user must make a registration request via the “Registration” tab, completing all of the fields in the form provided. Account creation will not be effective until Association Les 3 Vallées has approved the registration request in question.

Association Les 3 Vallées reserves the right to deny any registration request it chooses without giving a reason, notifying the user in question.

There are various user categories for creating an account, as listed below.

When creating their account, the user must complete the category to which they belong:

  • A3V personnel
  • Tourist office
  • Town hall
  • Ski lift operator
  • Socio-professional
  • Partner
  • Service provider
  • Tour operator
  • Press
  • Other (anyone not belonging to any of the above categories).

The extent of the content rights granted to the user varies according to the user category to which they belong on creating their account, as explained below.

If Association Les 3 Vallées approves the user’s registration request, the account for this user will be created and the user will receive an email confirming registration, enabling them to access the content in question via the media library according to the user category to which they belong.

Association Les 3 Vallées reserves the right to close any account where information provided by the user is found to be erroneous, incorrect or out of date.

Article 2:

Provision & usage

Mediabase content is royalty-free for the exclusive purposes of promoting Les 3 Vallées area and its resorts.

Association Les 3 Vallées owns the rights to use the photographs provided on loan. However, it takes no responsibility for any action, suit, complaint or demand by or from any person, particularly relating to the image rights of anyone appearing therein or the production, reproduction, publication, telecommunication or dissemination to the public by the user of any photograph or photographs that they might have edited or otherwise modified.

The user undertakes to defend and hold harmless Association Les 3 Vallées in the event of any action, complaint or demand relating to improper or prohibited use of the photographic visuals under the terms of the agreement when borrowing any photographic visual.

Photographic visuals made available by Association Les 3 Vallées belong to the person who took them or their successors in title, and the borrower may only acquire the right of reproduction and/or representation.

These photographic visuals may not be sold and may only be provided on loan.

Use for purely commercial purposes (post cards, commercial advertising, space purchase and posters etc.) is not permitted.

Where the user is intending to use mediabase content for another website, they are required to include a hyperlink on the site in question, directing Internet users to Les 3 Vallées homepage at so that they have access to the full range of tourist information for the area.
The user also undertakes to adhere to any instructions and restrictions included in the captions accompanying photographs on the mediabase website (4X3 display prohibited, for example).


Unless agreed in writing by Association Les 3 Vallées beforehand, no modifications of any kind are permitted, regardless of the technical process involved.

Compulsory photo credit & expiry date

The moral rights of authors are inalienable and all published visuals must be accompanied by the following wording: name of the photographer/Les3Vallées© in clearly visible and legible characters on each visual.

Each visual has a rights expiry date, which is given in the caption. Use beyond this deadline is strictly prohibited. Association Les 3 Vallées cannot be held liable for use of the photos beyond this date.

Article 3: Account information & GDPR

The user undertakes to keep their login ID and password confidential at all times and is not permitted to communicate them to third parties. The user is responsible for all use of their login ID and password and any use/exploitation of the photographs arising from this. Should the login ID and password no longer be
confidential, the user undertakes to inform Association Les 3 Vallées immediately by email at the following address:

Personal data supplied to Association Les 3 Vallées on the mediabase site for answering requests for information relating to opening an account will be gathered and processed fairly and lawfully and will be used solely for the purposes of managing the media library and in accordance with the General Data

Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The user is therefore entitled to download or remove their personal data if they wish to do so, Association Les 3 Vallées having an obligation to remove all of their personal data. To do this, the user needs to go to the “My Account” section, which will be accessible once they have logged in. To do this, you may exercise the right to access your personal data and have it amended or removed at any time. You may delete your account by emailing us at, attaching a copy of your ID.

Article 4: Applicable laws, competent courts and contractual documents

The present conditions of use are governed by the current laws in France. Any use that fails to comply with the general conditions of use of the mediabase may result in legal proceedings before the competent courts.

The present conditions of use and restrictions are subject to change. The user is required to read and take note of them for each instance of use.

Date: 27 April 2020.

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Requests to use images and documents received via the mediabase website will be processed as quickly as possible.